studio electrophonique
“Happier Things”
& “Buxton Palace Hotel”

Artwork : Pascal Blua
Photographies : James Leesley (Buxton Palace Hotel)
Violette Records  (2022 & 2019)


“Studio Electrophonique is a semi-fictional collective of analogue romantics sent to reassure us that art is not some far off place, that sadness can be enjoyed like happiness and that glamour can descend like a minor key melody on the shoulders of anyone willing to pay their subs and the price of a day-return to Ballifield shops. He records on an old four-track machine using deadstock Metal Maxima cassettes sourced from an unnamed charity shop close to Bramall Lane. This machine kills flashiness. There is no room for garnish. Choice is minimised to serve the song, intimacy is maximised to serve the ache.”

Jamie Taylor
Sheffield, 2021


“I had the joy of working with Pascal when designing the artwork for Studio Electrophonique’s ‘Buxton Palace Hotel’ record sleeve. There is an elegance and simplicity to his work that I find super-addictive and the level of care and attention he shows is truly inspiring. His talent and eye for design have played a big part in my journey and I am forever grateful and proud to call Pascal a friend as well as an artist.”

James Leesley
Studio Electrophonique