Departure Lounge

Artwork : Pascal Blua
Violette Records (2021)


“I was already a fan of Pascal’s design work before I met him, from his work with Nouvelle Vague and Michael Head. He is a true artist with his own distinctive, classy style, but he is also – as I am fortunate to have learned recently – a great collaborator. He possesses the perfect combination of attributes for his chosen métier: a passion for music second to none, great taste, sensitivity, patience and apparently limitless creative flair.
Pascal is tuned into music at a deep emotional level and his rare combination of talents enable him to translate what he hears into the visual realm in a way which beautifully represents and augments the music.
For the Departure Lounge Transmeridian album and singles he created a series of rich, semi-abstract colour scapes, drawing on the atmosphere of Lost In Translation as a way to reflect the multi-layered, dislocated, dream-like, slightly jetlagged vibe of the music. Work with him if you get the chance.”

Tim Keegan
February 2021