Artwork : Pascal Blua
Photographie : John Johnson
Mel Bowen Music (2017)


“Making a record is the joy of many parts. Each one integral to the finished vibe. When making music with other people, to me musical skill & ability is a second concern. First question will always be, can we share a train to Crewe? If the answer is no, it doesn’t matter if they’re Marvin Gaye, we ain’t  gonna get it on. 
The exact principle applies to any artwork/graphics created to represent & decorate the music. The sleeve artist must have socialist soul, that creates imagery & gives vision to the music.
I first came across Pascal through his partnership with Mick Head. I tentatively contacted him about a potential collaboration for my debut EP, Everyday’s A Holiday. Immediately, I knew Pascal was the guy to help me bring my ideas to the world. I also knew I had a very dear friend for life. The entire process of working with Pascal is just lovely. His cool eye & sharp brain for creating art graphic that marries perfectly with my aspiration to bring sharp music to an often blunt world. Merci Pascal from the city of Pool to the city of Cool!”

Mel Bowen