Matthew Edwards And The Unfortunates
“The Birmingham Poets”

Artwork : Pascal Blua
Photographie : Nicolas Bouvier
December Square (2019)


“I discovered Mr. Blua’s work via a quite gorgeous poster he created for a Michael Head show in London in 2017. I wrote to him to express my admiration and subsequently met him at the show. I didn’t know at the time where this meeting might lead… I then delved further and found his exquisite aesthetic beguiling: By turns playful yet profound; precious yet joyous; lacking artifice and extraordinarily poignant.
Pascal has an instinctive grasp of the artists and writers who’s work he is presenting in graphic form.  He is a wonderful collaborator which was borne out when my group Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates were asked to record an album – ‘The Birmingham Poets’ for his label/art-house project December Square. We collaborated on the sleeve in as much as I found the photograph and suggested a cinematic or bookish cover. Pascal did the rest. I admire him greatly as an artist, an aesthete and a man. No one seeing his work will fail to be bowled-over.”
Matthew Edwards
San Francisco, december 2019