Violette Records
elp series

Logotype & Artwork : Pascal Blua
A collection of recordings by Violette Records (since 2019), 1
10″ vinyl only (except elp#1 & elp#2, vinyl & cd)

Violette was born of the belief in the life-affirming value of great music and art. We build platforms for artists and connect them to audiences.

We spend much of our spare time listening to music for no other reason than the sheer pleasure of it: albums, singles, tracks and demos, radio, playlists, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp…it comes at us from every lovely angle.

These methods of music consumption made us stop and re-consider how music is presented these days and what constitutes “a music release” and its format.

We understand the single (the baby), the EP (the child) and the LP (the parent), but what about that huge space between the EP and the LP – that fantastic time between childhood and adulthood in which we are all seemingly trapped forever?

In record format parlance we have claimed the sweet spot between EP and LP: the elp. This space is an area which provides the artist with sufficient scope for expression, to  present a cohesive narrative and articulate a journey within six to eight tracks. 

By promoting the art of the edit, inspiring lean creativity and encouraging the power of artistic expression, efficiency and control, we can create a music release which is more powerful and interesting than a fast-f*cking single track or a flabby-arsed LP.